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CA85 Modern Face : 85mm diameter Modern Style analogue gauge with digital panel

£ 165.00 inc VAT | 204.60 inc VAT | $ 210.38

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The modern style gauge comes with a clean font and simple scale. There are several scale options for both speed in MPH and RPM.
The dash can be fitted through an 85mm hole in the dash or mounted on the standard Acewell mounting bracket.

Scale options:
  • 120 MPH
  • 9000 RPM
  • 12000 RPM

Features include
  • Needle speedometer / rev counter - choose below
  • Needle primary scale in white print and illuminates in deep blue
  • Secondary scale (km/h) in red print and illuminates in red (speed face only)
  • Digital speedometer up to 186mph / 399.9 km/h
  • 2 trip meters TRIP 1 + 2
  • Odometer (Total mileage)
  • Digital speed display to 19,900 RPM
  • Display average and maximum speeds
  • Display maximum RPM
  • Digital Temperature gauge and max temperature display (C/F)
  • Clock
  • Voltmeter
  • Travel time (one resetable and one non-resetable)
  • Engine hour meter
  • LCD adjustable backlight colour (3 levels of red, green, blue) comes on with ignition
  • Analogue scale backlight switched independently from LCD
  • Clock shown in standby mode with ignition off
  • Adjustable wheel circumference for all types of wheels. Ssetting range 1-3999 mm
  • Compatible with cable drive / gearbox electric speed sensors and magnet pickups
  • Kilometers or miles - display can be switched
  • When new, and until odometer reaches 18 miles / 30km the odometer can be edited to enter reading from a previous speedometer
  • Maintenance reminder
  • Water resistant, vibration and shockproof ( 8G vibration , shock 100G tested )
  • E- certified
  • ACE-IHY bracket included
  • Cables harness tails to solder into the bike included

  • Bezel (top ring) 100mm outer diameter (plastic) / 95mm outer diameter (CNC)
  • Sleeve 95mm outer diameter
  • Total depth 47mm
  • Visible depth if panel mounted 10mm
  • Hole 85mm diameter for panel mounting

In "single mode as shown on the face" please note the following:

  • RPM Face - the LCD can shpw RPM and max RPM - all Speed, trip and odometer functions are disabled
  • Speed Face - the LCD can shpw Speed, trip, odometer max Speed - all RPM functions are disabled
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Category Acewell Speedometers
Sub-Category ACE-85mm
Quantity in Stock 10

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£ 165.00 inc VAT
Front ring - Bezel
Remote Control
Speed or RPM function
Speed Sensor
Temperature Sensor

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