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Driving Instructiors : Uses


The new Vauxhall Corsa needs an additional speedometer for the driving instructor as from the passenger seat there is no line of sight to the speedo in the binacle.

By mounting the ACE-3100 on the passenger side of the car the instructor can easily see the speed at which the learner is driving.

To connect power to the speedometer, you'll need to connect 1 wire to -ve, 2 to +ve and a third to come live with the key.

Revs are measured by connecting to the distributor

To measure speed, mount the included sensor on a bracket near the end of a drive shaft, and attach a magnet to the shaft itself

After calibrating by using the original speedometer as a guide, the driving instructor can easily monitor the pupil.

You'll also need to mount the speedo, and the included bracket will allow you to easily mount on the dashboard of centre console.

Why not ask the mechanic fitting your dual controls to fit the speedo at the same time