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We have a huge range of speedometers available for road motorcycles, here are some examples of those on offer. You will find many more in the speedometers section of the website


Our newest speedometer, with an 85mm diameter, the pod available in either black anodised, or chromed billet is a perfect design for any streetfighter or classic styled motorcycle.

The speedometer can be supplied with RPM scale of 0 - 6000 / 9000 / 12000 / 15000, the speedo can connect to front wheel cable drives as well as hall effect and reed switch sensors. An engine and ambient temperature facility is included as well as a remote control


ACE-2856AP (billet case)
ACE-2856AB (billet case)
ACE-2856 (plastic case dash mount with black or chrome bezel)

The ACE-285x series computer speedos have 6 internal warning lamps

Mounted in a single round pod (ACE-2856AP / ACE-2856AB) for motorcycle handlebar / headstock mounting or available in surface mount form (ACE-2856) for mounting in a dashboard.

ACE-2856 replaces both the ACE-2803 and ACE-2853 and provides a fuel gauge that can be switched off or works with 100/150/510 ohm senders. Warning lamps are indicators, main beam, sidelights, oil pressure and neutral.


2856AB - Black Billet Pod / 2856AP - Polished Billet Pod / 2856 - Dash Mount


The ACEWELL ACE-3972 comes complete with 8,000/16,000 RPM tacho, 186MPH speedometer, time, voltmeter, temperature gauge and sender, fuel gauge, riding timers, two trip meters, max and average speed, and warning lamps for:
Indicators, main beam, sidelights, oil, engine management, warning and neutral.



This silver/grey/black unit displays Tachometer, Speedometer, Voltmeter, Thermometer bar chart and digital readout, and a fuel gauge if you have a sender connected.

The Tacho can be set to show 0 - 8,000 RPM or 0 - 16,000 RPM, and the speed can display in MPH or KMH

The fuel gauge can work with 100 / 250 / 500 ohm tank senders (0 ohm full) or be switched off



This Black unit displays all the functions of the ACE-3250 above but additionally the fuel gauge can work with 0ohms meaning empty.

The processor is faster meaning connection to gearbox speed sensors is possible with some bikes, and "n" and "r" can be displayed within the LCD display.



This computer has all the features of the ACE-3250 with the addition of a standard set of warning lamps - indicators, hazards, main beam, Neutral & oil

We have many other warning lamps available to meet most users' requirements



If all you need is a basic speedo / computer without warning lamps then the 31xx series can't be beaten.

With speedo, rev counter, odometer, average, max speed, riding time, clock and backlight powered from the vehicle, what else could you need?



In addition to the 3100 speedo, the 3803 also incorporates a set of warning lamps specific for motorcycles in a neat package

Indicators, Oil, Water, Main beam headlights and Neutral warning lamps are provided,
Available with or without fuel gauge