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Performance Cars : Uses

We have a large number of customers who have installed Acewell digital speedometers in their performance road cars.

Changing an engine, gearbox or even wheel and tyre size can result in drastic changes in the calibration of a speedometer, and there may no longer be a way to connect the original speedometer.

Installing an Acewell allows exact calibration for each individual requirement.

The most popular car we supply speedometers for is the clasic Mini and VW Beetle. Many performance minis are fitted with Honda or Vauxhall engines and gearboxes, without the facility to connect the original speedo drive cable

If you have a speedo drive on your gearbox, then in most situations the ACE-S2 will (in some cases with slight modification) fit just about any cable or box

If you haven't got a speedo drive cable, then you'll need to mount the ACE-S or ACE-S3 sensor on a fixed part of your car - off the gearbox, caliper mount or body amd then affix a magnet to a driveshaft / propshaft that passes within 5mm of the sensor.

We have 2 speedometers specifically designed for cars, both measure speed up to 186mph, have a clock, rev counter, fuel gauge, hour meter and store maximum speeds and revs:

  • ACE-2859
    • With warning lamps for Indicators, Sidelights, Main Beam, Charging, Brakes and Rear Fog
  • ACE-3973
    • With warning lamps for Indicators, Hazards, Main Beam, Charging, Brakes, Oil pressure and Rear Fog
    • Also has voltmeter and temperature gauge

The ACE-2859 mounts through the dashboard only the round bezel protruding 12mm into the car.
whilst the ACE-3973 mounts infront of the dash protruding 28.5mm into the car.
Both units are as standard included with a plastic bezel, but the ACE-3973 is optionally available in a chromed or black anodised aluminium case.